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Awareness with the Equine

How horses show us to take notice

Horse have keen body language, as they survive in herds. Horses help in authentic ways, and as we partner with them in various ground activities, peace is experienced, joy abounds, again.  

Groups of 10
Fee:  $40.00/pp

God, His Horses, and His Humans

Come and learn what the Creator reveals to us through Horses! 

The horses are exceptional partners for sharing the love of God, as they are great teachers.  We will explore faith, trust, and metaphors of God's love, grace, and His leadership. 

Groups of 10
Fee:  $40.00/pp

Manifest Courage and Embrace Change

Our Empowerment Retreat!

Fee:  $185.00 - includes all materials, lunch and snacks, lecture, journaling, nature walk, and ground activities with the horses  -  Limit 12 participants

We explore energy and reflection, stress patterns, and we will learn to identify triggers, recognize self-sabotage, and gain new direction for healthy, brave living.


This workshop is an enjoyable, yet a deep look at Change from Within - Lasting Change.

•   It’s wise to admit our fears – but let's not justify them – let's explore ways to remove that power

•   Focus on things you can control, become ready to welcome change

•   Learn to become open to outcome

•   Like the Horses -- we can learn to be in the moment, giving today your attention, not past or present.

Lunch will be provided.  Wear closed toe shoes.  Activities with the horses, journaling, walking, sharing our journey of attaining Courage and Change.  Time to be silent will be honored.  Time to be shared will be embraced with joy, as we reflect on what our co-facilitators (the horses) have taught us.

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