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Professional Development

View our professional development workshops below

Corporate Culture Development

Experiential Learning for Teams and Leaders

We explore the needs and challenges of your group, and deliver change with lasting results, so you can get realigned with your mission!

  • Manage Expectations and learn resilience

  • Learn what strong teams and leaders have in common

  • Because it is true: Conflict doesn't make a team weak, if they have focus

  • The most effective leaders care about their teams

  • Become more effective when learning to leverage your top strengths to form teams, increase productivity, and reach goals- with more grace and confidence. 


Leadership Development

Develop a Cohesive Intact Team

Through “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team”©

Helps participants better understand themselves, the personalities on their

team, and how they can effectively work together


Help Intact Teams to Gain Skill to Work Together Effectively Improve Team


Addresses Team Dysfunction

This program, encompassing 1-1/2 days, when complemented by the

Equine Assisted Learning model is extremely impactful, since Horses
mirror our intentions and energy. They assess our level of trust, our

communication style, team and leader savvy!

The G.A.I.T. Series!  (Corporate Event)  -  Two-day intensive course 

As the GAITS of a horse keep pace, and are balanced, we can learn to navigate through patterns of feelings, reactions, limits to a place of transformation.

G   -   GROWTH

From within, horses allow us to reach past conventional thought, and challenge us to grow in confidence, respect and tolerance.


We learn how we impact our environment by our body language, and how we navigate through our realm.  The horses show us choices of behavior, building our teams, families, lives.


Horses have subtle ways of communicating that can be missed by those new to their world.  As we study and handle them, we gain deeper knowledge of ourselves as Leaders, Followers, Facilitators, Parents, Spouses.


We begin to see ourselves in a clearer, more congruent manner, as our Teachers, the Horses, give us feedback and new direction.

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