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About Us and Our Work

JoAnne Ernsberger
Founder, Director

Meet JoAnne Ernsberger, founder and director of Equissential Growth Strategies.  JoAnne is a lively and engaging speaker, with a sincere interest in helping people to embrace their gifts and to achieve their goals.  She does this with the combination of traditional methods, as well as equine assisted experiential education. 


Her diverse business and teaching background enables her to accurately assess what will work to achieve positive structural change within various cultures.  ​Equissential’s programs include:

  • Team strengthening 

  • Leadership empowerment

  • Couples connection

  • Customer service and supervision

  • Family dynamics programs

  • Discovery in Recovery

  • Children and Youth Programs, including "Youth Leadership" via our 501(c)3, The Backyard Barn Foundation

  • We utilize Clifton Strengths, the DiSC assessments, illustrating different behaviorial styles, enabling participants to understand how to better communicate and become successful.  There are unique and interesting ways to formulate customized plans for your group. Her executive and group retreats also include faith-based programs.

With many years of experience with horses, JoAnne's unique combination of skills greatly impacts participation.  Her education is in psychology, business and the arts.  She is an Advanced Certified EAL Practitioner through E3A - Equine Experiential Education Association, has a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Certification in EAGALA Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and is an experienced Corporate Trainer.  JoAnne is a native Delawarean, and resides with her husband Scott their three wonderful horses, Emma their dog, their cats and hens.  Complimentary visits are available, just call.

WHY THE HORSE?   (We're GLAD You Asked!)

Horses are authentic and social beings.  Being prey animals, and have an abundant sense of awareness.  They are superbly observant of emotional states in their environment.  Horses are always working toward balance and harmony in the herd.  This skill and keen ability enables them to read and reflect our actions and intentions in powerful ways - as we grow, and are able to change to get results.  Working with them in specifically designed activities provides the means to learn more effective ways of interacting, leading, and being in harmonious community.

How this Works: 

The combination of Classroom Workshops and interaction with Horses in Experiential Learning is an empowering method of strengthening teams and developing leaders to achieve their potential.  Carefully designed activities are utilized to demonstrate the authenticity of learning with Horses as our co-facilators.

 “We Promote Measurable Results and Lasting Change”©

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